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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Dear blogging world...

People keep telling me to be myself online and within business, as though I am being fake, well this is the truth of the matter.

I like my family life, I adore my partner, and I want to work from home.

I also love making things that make other people happy!  

I realise that as a stay at home parent I have the time to make things.  I don't have any special training and I don't see myself doing anything other people couldn't do, (other than having the drive to make it happen), and being happy with a average income.  

I had a successful retail store with my former partner, learnt that money really doesn't buy happiness and I want stay happy this time around.

I try to post informative posts, at the very least things I find interesting or relevant.

So although I might be a struggling artesian, I am actually a very real person.  

I have had an interesting and varied past, didn't complete high school, started working crappy jobs at 13, some of which I loved, have run and managed 2 successful businesses, neither of which were my idea.  Had an emotionally and  psychologically abusive relationship, that i still haven't let break me, I have now found my soul mate. (formally a term I thought new age hippies had just made up).  This is my third business and its the one that makes me happy.

I don't drive a flash car, I am renting our home, and I am more than happy to answer the door with my children at my feet, my hair not looking perfect, and no make up on.

I have lived on egg sandwiches, because at 16 I was living on my own somewhat by choice, working a low paying job, and supporting a girl that had been kicked out of home and would have been homeless and penniless without me.  

I enjoy making the things I create, I don't ever intend on living up to public perception, often under charging by the artisan standards, and am happy doing it.  If I can make something, sell it to you for a price you can afford that makes me a little bit too, and brings a smile to your face. I am happy.

That is my goal and just a little about me. I may touch more on it in the future I may not.

What do you want to tell the world about you?

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